What Are Temporary Dentures?

If you are waiting for your permanent dentures to be made you may be supplied with temporary dentures.  These are made before you have your damaged teeth removed and will be placed in your mouth immediately after extraction.

Temporary Dentures

As your gums will shrink you will need to return to your dentist to have your permanent dentures made and fitted.

If you are willing to pay extra for your false teeth you should be able to buy same day dentures.  These are false teeth that are made in the onsite laboratory of the dentist the same day as your teeth are extracted.

If you prefer you can have your temporary dentures altered so you can use them as permanent dentures.

If you need several teeth replacing then you may need something called a partial denture or you may just need a few implants.  Whatever the case may be you will need to have temporary teeth fitted.  If you are waiting for implants then you will have a screw attached to your jaw and over the next few months your jaw bone and implant will fuse together.  While you are waiting for this to happen you may be offered a temporary tooth or teeth.

Temporary dentures cost around the same price as your permanent dentures will cost, so you may well think why do I need to have another set fitted.  This is because after around a year your mouth shape will have dramatically changed, meaning your dentures will become loose and you will more than likely have trouble eating and talking as they will be slack in your mouth.

There are several advantages to having a temporary denture fitted; one being you never have to face the world with no teeth but with temporary dentures, problems can occur as they can with any type of dentures.  If they are not properly fitted they can cause ulcers and mouth sores resulting in you not being able to eat properly.

If you need a partial denture these will be either made out of plastic or metal and they will have hooks attached that will clasp onto your remaining teeth.  A full set of dentures are used when you need to have all of your teeth replaced these are made out of plastic and will need to be secured in your mouth using a denture fixative.  Whatever type of denture you need, you will be able to have temporary dentures fitted while you wait for them to be made.

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