Snap On Teeth – No Drilling Required!

If you have always wanted that celebrity smile but can’t afford cosmetic dental treatment then you should try snap on teeth.  You do not need any drilling or injections done simply visit the clinic, a mould will be made then a short while later your teeth will be ready.

Snap On Teeth

These kinds of teeth are in no way like ordinary dentures.  Dentures are for people who need to have their natural teeth removed whereas these are completely for cosmetic purposes only.

If you need your teeth taken out then you should consider same day dentures, these are made ready to insert immediately after your teeth are extracted.  Or if you prefer you can have temporary dentures fitted while you are waiting for your permanent dentures to be made.

Snap on teeth look and feel like your natural teeth and with certain ones you can eat and drink normally while wearing them.  They are extremely strong and fit over your natural teeth allowing you to have that Hollywood smile at a fraction of what it would cost to have veneers fitted.

If you have gaps between your teeth or they are stained or crooked then snap on dentures may be the perfect solution.  Snap on teeth cost a fraction of veneers but they look just as good.

You could walk past a person in the street and you wouldn’t realize that they also are wearing fake teeth.  They really do resemble natural teeth it is so hard to tell the difference.

A lot of little children who enter beauty pageants wear snap on false teeth to enhance their already beautiful smiles.  They were invented by a dentist who knew the majority of people do not have the kind of money that could pay for real porcelain veneers.

Like ordinary dentures you need to purchase a proper cleaning kit which is specifically for snap on dentures.  There is Cleaning Powder which removes stains like coffee, tea, etc.  You simply soak your teeth in the solution for about 15 minutes and they will be as bright as new.

Antibacterial gel is available to prevent your natural teeth from rotting simply place it into the snap on dentures before you put them over your teeth.

There is also a compact storage case available so you can always take good care of your new snap on teeth.

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