Can I Really Get Immediate Dentures?

If you are contemplating getting immediate dentures then you should expect that the denture will be put in place immediately after the extraction of the teeth, whether that denture is a full denture or a partial denture.

Immediate Dentures

These dentures come in two forms; the regular denture that we all have seen and the one that can be removed for cleaning and adjustment, and the dentures that are implanted.

The implant can be immediate but takes longer to fall into place because it has to give the time for everything around that implant to grow into place.

The Immediate Dentures Procedure

There may be several immediate denture steps to complete, and it can take around five visits to complete the immediate or partial denture, which includes any prior surgery.

If the patient needs complete dentures then back teeth are generally extracted first and allowed to heal before the remaining teeth are extracted.

During this time impressions are made and the bite recorded; teeth are selected for color and shape; and some fitting is tried.

On the day the remaining teeth are extracted the denture will be inserted immediately after the extraction.

Immediate Dentures Advantages

  • You will never appear in public without teeth in your mouth;
  • It is easier for the dentist to get the right color, shape and the arrangement of your natural teeth as long as there are some teeth still there;
  • The immediate denture that is placed immediately after extraction will help the healing and often will cause less bleeding;
  • Immediate dentures whether complete or partial dentures, will help you to speak without a lot of waiting for a long time to adjust your speech;
  • You will be able to chew your food without having to relearn to do that later, if you have an immediate denture in place.

Of course there are never advantages without disadvantages, and there are some regarding the immediate dentures. The disadvantages of these same day dentures are usually minor in comparison to the numerous benefits.

Immediate dentures cost may be higher than other procedures because there are more adjustments and follow-ups needed as it can take around eight weeks for tissue to heal.

Not every patient is a good candidate for immediate dentures because of an oral or dental health problem, or another specific health problem.

Immediate Dentures Recovery

Just having the denture inserted after surgery is not the end of your immediate partial dentures or full dentures insertion because there are things that you will need to aid the healing process and to get used to the new teeth.

  • The new teeth may feel a little bulky or big. These dental problems won’t last long but may continue until the gums have healed;
  • The patient often experiences discomfort because of the trauma of having the teeth removed, or the new dentures may have hit a pressure spot.

These will both go away by themselves. The dentist may prescribe a pain medication for you.

Immediate Dentures Aftercare

You will probably be given specific immediate dentures post op instructions.

  • The dentist may have had to use stitches after surgery and you need not do anything with these as they will dissolve;
  • It’s important that you don’t remove the teeth yourself. The teeth will be removed, cleaned, and you mouth examined at the next appointment with the dentist.

If you haven’t had treatment for some time you might need to find a dentist. While an emergency dentist can charge a premium, other dentists have to be fairly competitive, so shop around to find an affordable dentist and get a good deal.

Dentures prices can vary simply based on the area where you live, or with the dental clinic you choose, but they can also vary due to other factors.

Immediate denture cost is varied for many reasons. Permanent dentures cost may be more than the cost of dentures that are removable. Flexible dentures are made of more expensive materials, so they are likely to cost a little more too.

It will take a while to get used to the new teeth but eventually the patient is glad that the choice was immediate dentures.

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