There’s No Stigma Attached To Getting Dentures Today

Getting dentures is not something one has to think about as they are important to ones health. There is no longer a stigma attached to dentures if you are a younger person, even though they were once considered something that only the elderly would wear.

Getting Dentures

Today, there is more attention paid to various diseases of the mouth as well as the structure of the jaw. When teeth are extracted the “before” picture is not always a pleasant one.

Besides, the person that is toothless cannot eat properly and often has digestive problems because of improper mastication; getting dentures should be the least of their worries because they often cannot speak clearly and they lose their self esteem because they just do not look good any longer.

Getting new dentures that are well made can help to create a better “after” picture by correcting all of the problems we set out above.

There are many reasons why people lose their natural teeth and then false teeth become necessary: there are the various gum diseases; malnutrition; tooth decay, trauma, drug use and many more reasons.

If you are getting dentures, then you will want them to be aesthetically pleasing. A denture specialist can make a set of replacements that are customized to look like the patient’s original teeth. This is done by using a photograph of the patient when the natural teeth were at their best.

The laboratory technician will then copy the style of the original teeth. This is perhaps the best way of having teeth that are natural looking. Otherwise, the laboratory technician has to rely on the form the dentist sends in order to determine the size and spacing of the teeth.

When getting dentures becomes a necessity you have two types of dentists that you can have to do the work.

One is a prosthodontist; this is a dentist that specializes in the replacement of teeth whether natural or prosthetic; and the other is a cosmetic dentist; this is a dentist that is concerned with the appearance of the teeth and may use surgery to repair gum lines and add to the roof of the mouth if such surgery is needed.

In either case when getting dentures, there is no longer the need of waiting a specified period of time to get your new teeth after the process of tooth extraction.

Today, you can visit denture clinics and be fitted with same day dentures, permanent dentures, and denture implants. The dental specialist will generally fit the teeth into the mouth immediately after extraction, providing you with immediate dentures.

The ability to have same day dental implants and a full set of dentures in a day can be a great help to patients, since they do not have to wait for weeks with no teeth or wearing temporary teeth. Instead, they get all the treatment in one day.

Getting Dentures Today

Getting new dentures today is more of a science than it has been in the past. At one time, all false teeth were made the same way so every wearer had a like set of false teeth.

Today, aesthetics and customization play an important role in the before and after picture of the patient, and the cost of dentures can run into thousands of dollars if you wish.

After getting dentures you’ll want to take extra good care of them. You’ll be able to use denture cleaner to keep your teeth in tip top condition.

The personality of someone getting new dentures can change dramatically from an introverted person with a low self esteem to a happier, extravert with high self esteem. So if you have any related mouth problems, you should not delay in getting dentures.

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