Denture Repair – Do You Need An Expert?

If you have recently broken your dentures you will need to visit a dentist or you could even visit a denture repair lab.

Denture Repair

A denture repair lab cuts out the middle man saving you time and money.  It will work out much cheaper than  visiting your dentist who will still more than likely have to send your dentures off to a lab.

If it is not a big repair that needs doing you could also buy a denture repair kit from your local store.

Dentists who provide same day dentures may be able to do your denture repair in their onsite laboratory, this could still cost you more than it would if you took them straight to a lab.

If you need to visit a dentist for your denture repair to be taken out you may be eligible to get some one day dentures while you wait for your false teeth to be repaired.

How long it takes for your teeth to be fixed all depends on the size of the job.  If it is a partial denture and you have a tiny crack then it will not take as long as it would to fix a full denture that is snapped in half etc.

Dentures are extremely expensive so great care needs to be taken of them but accidents can happen.  You may bite on something hard and crack them in which case it couldn’t have been prevented.

If you have only cracked them slightly then you can probably just fix them yourself at home using denture repair glue, saving you a small fortune.

If you have dental insurance the majority of policies will cover some of the cost of your dental repair work.  Some policies may even cover up to 50% of the total cost to have them repaired.  So make sure you check this out before you pay a large sum of money to get your dentures fixed.  If you do not have dental insurance your broken denture repair costs could be a fortune.

Modern day dentures like the flexible denture are less likely to break because of the materials used to make them.  That does not mean that they are totally unbreakable though.

You can look online and find the closest denture repair laboratory to you.  You should also be able to get a rough estimate of how much it is likely to cost to get your dentures fixed.

It will pay you to also read reviews on the laboratory or dentist that you are going to use.  This way you can see other people’s opinions before you decide where to go.

You can always seek some advice from your local dentist who will be happy to help you and tell you the best way to get your denture repair work done.

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