A Dental Student Could Save You A Fortune

If you are putting off getting dental treatment because of the costs, then allowing a dental student to do the work could be the answer.

A Dental Student Could Save You A Fortune

Although you would generally have to pay for dentures, you could find that tooth extraction, fillings, root canal work, and even crowns, could be given free of charge at a dental hospital.

Apparently, there was a time that dental hospitals and dental schools had to advertise, to recruit men and women that would allow the dental students to work on their teeth. But whether it is the rising cost of dental care, or some other motive, people are volunteering on a regular basis to many dental hospitals.

In some countries you need to have dental insurance in order to get treatment, otherwise you will be left with a hefty bill at the end of your treatment.

If you have no dental insurance then you may be lucky to still find help, as there are volunteer dentists out there who offer their services free of charge to those in need.

For those countries where there are no volunteer dentist’s, there may be charities that help those in poverty. They foot the bill for the dental treatment, but are there for genuine cases only.

In some countries dental care and denture care is at an all time low, as the recession forces people to cut costs wherever possible.

In Texas, where dental fees can be high, you may be lucky enough to get your treatment done at your local dental hospital. The student’s are skilled enough to carry out the work; they simply haven’t fully qualified yet. So, you will be treated by the student who is fully capable of doing the job.

A degree in dentistry takes five years and the requirements of the students change according to how advanced they are in their studies. While those in their third year need patients who require simple fillings, fifth-year students need more of a challenge.

Naturally, it would be impossible for the dental hospital or dental school to treat every single problem instantly. You have to be mindful that the student might take a little longer to do the work. However, it is an excellent way for dental students to get practical experience, and for the patient to get the treatment they really need.

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