Dental Bonding Is On The Rise

Hundreds of people these days are opting for a new procedure called dental bonding.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a fantastic new procedure where tooth colored resin is used to restore a person’s smile. This is done by applying the material to the tooth and it is then hardened by a special light which bonds the material to the tooth.

Dental bonding is something new and fantastic and more and more people are opting for it to repair their decayed teeth, close space between the teeth and for many other reasons.

Dental bonding is not a replacement for dentures.  Same day dentures are used when your teeth need to be removed and you need dentures immediately.  In order to have teeth bonding you need to have your original teeth in place.

The tooth bonding procedure is so simple and people are choosing this over dental veneers and crowns, as it is much cheaper and quicker.

Simply visit your dentist where they will match as close as they can the resin to your natural teeth color.  They will then roughen the surface of the tooth/teeth and apply the resin which will then be heated until solid.  This whole procedure takes around 30-60 minutes.

Dental bonding is often classed as a cosmetic procedure because of its similarity to veneers and crowns.

If you have bonding done or any other dental procedure it is essential that you look after your teeth as your mouth harbors millions of bacteria and good dental/denture care is extremely important.

The only real disadvantage to bonding is the fact it can chip easily so it is best to avoid hard food like ice cubes etc.  Other than that you can just treat them like your normal teeth, brush twice a day and floss regular.

The advantages include the length of time bonding lasts compared to other procedures.  Bonding can last as long as 10 years before it needs replacing. It may also be covered by your dental insurance so be sure to check if that is the case.  Another advantage is that there is no preparation needed so the procedure does not drag on.

The dental bonding cost is anything from $100 up to $400 per tooth but it can vary greatly depending on the area that you live in but if you have dental insurance it may be partially or fully covered.

More and more dentists are offering this cosmetic procedure in their dental surgery making it easier for people to have the procedure performed.

You can look online and find a dentist local to you who offers dental bonding and you can also read the many excellent reviews before you decide if it is the best option for you.

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