Can I Really Get Immediate Dentures?

If you are contemplating getting immediate dentures then you should expect that the denture will be put in place immediately after the extraction of the teeth, whether that denture is a full denture or a partial denture.

Immediate Dentures

These dentures come in two forms; the regular denture that we all have seen and the one that can be removed for cleaning and adjustment, and the dentures that are implanted.

The implant can be immediate but takes longer to fall into place because it has to give the time for everything around that implant to grow into place.

The Immediate Dentures Procedure

There may be several immediate denture steps to complete, and it can take around five visits to complete the immediate or partial denture, which includes any prior surgery.

If the patient needs complete dentures then back teeth are generally extracted first and allowed to heal before the remaining teeth are extracted.

During this time impressions are made and the bite recorded; teeth are selected for color and shape; and some fitting is tried.

On the day the remaining teeth are extracted the denture will be inserted immediately after the extraction.

Immediate Dentures Advantages

  • You will never appear in public without teeth in your mouth;
  • It is easier for the dentist to get the right color, shape and the arrangement of your natural teeth as long as there are some teeth still there;
  • The immediate denture that is placed immediately after extraction will help the healing and often will cause less bleeding;
  • Immediate dentures whether complete or partial dentures, will help you to speak without a lot of waiting for a long time to adjust your speech;
  • You will be able to chew your food without having to relearn to do that later, if you have an immediate denture in place.

Of course there are never advantages without disadvantages, and there are some regarding the immediate dentures. The disadvantages of these same day dentures are usually minor in comparison to the numerous benefits.

Immediate dentures cost may be higher than other procedures because there are more adjustments and follow-ups needed as it can take around eight weeks for tissue to heal.

Not every patient is a good candidate for immediate dentures because of an oral or dental health problem, or another specific health problem.

Immediate Dentures Recovery

Just having the denture inserted after surgery is not the end of your immediate partial dentures or full dentures insertion because there are things that you will need to aid the healing process and to get used to the new teeth.

  • The new teeth may feel a little bulky or big. These dental problems won’t last long but may continue until the gums have healed;
  • The patient often experiences discomfort because of the trauma of having the teeth removed, or the new dentures may have hit a pressure spot.

These will both go away by themselves. The dentist may prescribe a pain medication for you.

Immediate Dentures Aftercare

You will probably be given specific immediate dentures post op instructions.

  • The dentist may have had to use stitches after surgery and you need not do anything with these as they will dissolve;
  • It’s important that you don’t remove the teeth yourself. The teeth will be removed, cleaned, and you mouth examined at the next appointment with the dentist.

If you haven’t had treatment for some time you might need to find a dentist. While an emergency dentist can charge a premium, other dentists have to be fairly competitive, so shop around to find an affordable dentist and get a good deal.

Dentures prices can vary simply based on the area where you live, or with the dental clinic you choose, but they can also vary due to other factors.

Immediate denture cost is varied for many reasons. Permanent dentures cost may be more than the cost of dentures that are removable. Flexible dentures are made of more expensive materials, so they are likely to cost a little more too.

It will take a while to get used to the new teeth but eventually the patient is glad that the choice was immediate dentures.

Dental Help: Avoid Dental Problems With A Regular Denture Check

You might think that once you get dentures that you don’t need to visit the dentists for dental help, unless of course you have a problem such as your dentures breaking.

However, regular dental checkups are not just about checking to see if you need a filling here or there; checkups are about good dental advice, looking for oral problems, and getting proper denture care too.

Dental Help – Avoid Dental Problems With A Regular Denture Check

Denture care is about seeing that your dentures still fit your mouth properly, because ill fitting dentures can lead to mouth sore, ulcers, etc. A quick denture check can also actually alert you to many other health issues.

Many health problems include oral symptoms, and the color or texture of your tongue surface can change due to certain health issues.

One major thing that can be diagnosed at a dental check up is the early warning signs of oral cancer. With well over six hundred thousand new cases being diagnosed around the world each year, it is essential that the disease is diagnosed as early as possible.

Although many symptoms might point to some other much less serious disease, it pays to take symptoms seriously and get them checked out.

Some of the symptoms that are categorized as early warning signs of oral cancer are listed below.

  • Problems with swallowing your food or you feel like something is stuck in your throat.
  • Your mouth or your tongue feels numb.
  • You constantly have a hoarse voice.
  • You have one or more lump or thickening patch within the mouth.

Should you experience any symptoms that last for a while, or if you have a sore than doesn’t seem to be healing then it’s well worth getting it checked by a professional. A doctor or a dentist will be should be familiar with the signs and know what to look for.

As part of your denture care, your dentist will look out for the early warning signs when you have a checkup.

A spokesperson for the Academy of General Dentistry spoke on this subject.

Your dentist will feel for lumps or irregular tissue changes in your neck, head, cheeks, and oral cavity and thoroughly examine the soft tissues in your mouth, specifically looking for any sores or discolored tissues (source).

So, denture care is very important and dental services include the checking of oral health and much more.

Experts say that you can avoid many dental problems by having a dental checkup every six months, and if you have lost your natural teeth make sure you have a denture checkup.

Dental Bonding Is On The Rise

Hundreds of people these days are opting for a new procedure called dental bonding.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a fantastic new procedure where tooth colored resin is used to restore a person’s smile. This is done by applying the material to the tooth and it is then hardened by a special light which bonds the material to the tooth.

Dental bonding is something new and fantastic and more and more people are opting for it to repair their decayed teeth, close space between the teeth and for many other reasons.

Dental bonding is not a replacement for dentures.  Same day dentures are used when your teeth need to be removed and you need dentures immediately.  In order to have teeth bonding you need to have your original teeth in place.

The tooth bonding procedure is so simple and people are choosing this over dental veneers and crowns, as it is much cheaper and quicker.

Simply visit your dentist where they will match as close as they can the resin to your natural teeth color.  They will then roughen the surface of the tooth/teeth and apply the resin which will then be heated until solid.  This whole procedure takes around 30-60 minutes.

Dental bonding is often classed as a cosmetic procedure because of its similarity to veneers and crowns.

If you have bonding done or any other dental procedure it is essential that you look after your teeth as your mouth harbors millions of bacteria and good dental/denture care is extremely important.

The only real disadvantage to bonding is the fact it can chip easily so it is best to avoid hard food like ice cubes etc.  Other than that you can just treat them like your normal teeth, brush twice a day and floss regular.

The advantages include the length of time bonding lasts compared to other procedures.  Bonding can last as long as 10 years before it needs replacing. It may also be covered by your dental insurance so be sure to check if that is the case.  Another advantage is that there is no preparation needed so the procedure does not drag on.

The dental bonding cost is anything from $100 up to $400 per tooth but it can vary greatly depending on the area that you live in but if you have dental insurance it may be partially or fully covered.

More and more dentists are offering this cosmetic procedure in their dental surgery making it easier for people to have the procedure performed.

You can look online and find a dentist local to you who offers dental bonding and you can also read the many excellent reviews before you decide if it is the best option for you.

Denture Care Suffers When Money Is Tight

A recent survey has shown that lower income families in Northern Virginia are not getting the dental care (which includes denture care) that they desperately need.

Denture Care

Good denture care is essential; but the survey showed that almost all of the families with a higher income saw a dentist regularly, whereas only a low percentage of low income families had seen a dentist within the last two years.

This lack of dental care for low income households could be due to the lack of dental insurance. They simply can’t afford it, and so they are not getting the care they should.

Dentures prices vary greatly depending on which type of denture is needed. This however does not help those people who can’t afford dental treatment.

The recent survey showed that 20% of people in lower income families need dentures, and only four percent of higher paid families had dentures.

Some types of dentures are only for cosmetic purposes like snap on teeth.  These are not covered even if you do have dental insurance.

Same day dentures and cosmetic dentures are among the most expensive type of dentures there are, and only people with a high income will be able to afford them.

Due to the lack of money, people who do not have dental insurance wait until the very last minute to have their dental treatment done in the Emergency Room. This means that more and more people were having teeth removed because they had waited too long.

It is not just lack of insurance that are keeping families from getting dental treatment. For instance, a lot of them do not have the transport to get to the dentist surgery, and others stated they could not get childcare in order for them to visit a dentist.

People on a higher income can afford to pay for good dentures, childcare, and dental insurance, so denture care is not a problem for them.

Denture care is totally different to caring for natural teeth. Denture cleaning is done using a different type of paste which is designed specifically for dentures, or you use tablets and soak your dentures over night.  All of this can be expensive for those people who do not have a high income.

It is not just adults who are suffering because they can’t afford dental treatment, their children are also suffering.  They are not getting regular checkups which can prevent more serious problems from occurring.

In other parts of America organizations are offering free dental treatment to low income families. This is allowing them to get all the help they need, and to get their teeth problems fixed.

Unfortunately in Northern Virginia this is not the case, and too many people are suffering. But hopefully dentists and other organizations will help lower income families get the dental and denture care that they need.

Duplicate Dentures One Shade Lighter

As any denture-wearer knows, dentures can become discolored just like real teeth, but the largest denture repair company in the USA, Denture Repair Lab, now offers a great new service where you can order a duplicate set of dentures and have them colored one shade lighter.

Duplicate Dentures

Having a duplicate set of dentures is a great idea, as it saves having to do without your dentures should any repairs need to be carried out.

The Denture Repair Lab company is synonymous with high quality and low cost denture repairs, and their duplicate dentures service guarantees that your new dentures will be as comfortable, if not more, than your original dentures. They use the best quality denture acrylic available. And don’t forget that you can have your new set of duplicate dentures one shade lighter.

It’s not surprising that customers are taken to wearing their duplicate dentures more than their original dentures!

The whole process is remarkably simple and no visit to a dentist is necessary. Just pop into your nearest lab, and they will have your repaired denture overnighted back to you for free, with your new duplicate dentures sent via free priority mail should you choose to order a set of them.

Having a new set of duplicate dentures gives you a whiter, brighter smile, and it also gives you more confidence in scoial situations.

The Denture Repair Lab has been providing affordable same day dental services since 1998, and they specialize in crown and bridge, ceramic, removable full and partial dentures, implant, and full-cast restorations.

Customers often look forward to getting a new set of dentures, and allowing them to lighten and brighten their smile at the same time is a great bonus option. Our patients report that they also love that no dentist visit is required to place an order with us!

We’ve tried to make fixing dentures and ordering duplicate dentures as quick and easy as possible. We know our customers cannot be without a denture for long at all, and we ensure we get their original sent back to them, same day!

Denture Repair – Do You Need An Expert?

If you have recently broken your dentures you will need to visit a dentist or you could even visit a denture repair lab.

Denture Repair

A denture repair lab cuts out the middle man saving you time and money.  It will work out much cheaper than  visiting your dentist who will still more than likely have to send your dentures off to a lab.

If it is not a big repair that needs doing you could also buy a denture repair kit from your local store.

Dentists who provide same day dentures may be able to do your denture repair in their onsite laboratory, this could still cost you more than it would if you took them straight to a lab.

If you need to visit a dentist for your denture repair to be taken out you may be eligible to get some one day dentures while you wait for your false teeth to be repaired.

How long it takes for your teeth to be fixed all depends on the size of the job.  If it is a partial denture and you have a tiny crack then it will not take as long as it would to fix a full denture that is snapped in half etc.

Dentures are extremely expensive so great care needs to be taken of them but accidents can happen.  You may bite on something hard and crack them in which case it couldn’t have been prevented.

If you have only cracked them slightly then you can probably just fix them yourself at home using denture repair glue, saving you a small fortune.

If you have dental insurance the majority of policies will cover some of the cost of your dental repair work.  Some policies may even cover up to 50% of the total cost to have them repaired.  So make sure you check this out before you pay a large sum of money to get your dentures fixed.  If you do not have dental insurance your broken denture repair costs could be a fortune.

Modern day dentures like the flexible denture are less likely to break because of the materials used to make them.  That does not mean that they are totally unbreakable though.

You can look online and find the closest denture repair laboratory to you.  You should also be able to get a rough estimate of how much it is likely to cost to get your dentures fixed.

It will pay you to also read reviews on the laboratory or dentist that you are going to use.  This way you can see other people’s opinions before you decide where to go.

You can always seek some advice from your local dentist who will be happy to help you and tell you the best way to get your denture repair work done.

Free Dentures And Other Dental Services Without Insurance

In these times of high health care insurance, denture care suffers when money is tight. That’s why more and more people, who don’t have the luxury of dental insurance, are in desperate need of free dental services. Below we list a couple of free dental services which may be of help for you.

Austin Free Dental Services

Free dental services without insurance, including dentures, extractions, fillings, oral surgery and professional cleaning, are currently still available to residents of Bland and Wythe counties because of grants made available by the Wythe-Bland Foundation.

Free Dentures And Other Dental Services Without Insurance

Many people have lost their jobs in these areas and have no dental insurance , so the service can be a great help to hundreds of people in a vulnerable position.

The dental services offered won’t be available indefinitely, though (they are due to end on March 22).

Those who wish to make an appointment for any of these treatments, should call. The clinic is open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00 pm (source).

Although people usually opt for same day dentures because they don’t have the time to make repeated journeys to the dental clinic, the process of form filling, checkups, dealing with insurance companies, etc., are among the many other things that really bother patients.

Well, a new dentist is opening in  Austin TX, and they offer a personalized service to eliminate much of the ‘red tape’.

The AustinDental office will deal direct with your insurance company, so you don’t have the stress.

The Aspen Dental office has an onsite denture laboratory, so you can have the same day treatment you need for denture repair, etc.

The clinic offers senior discounts as well as special promotions, and they also keep their prices down to below the average cost of treatment.

They offer extended opening hours to help those who work during the day, and they provide treatment for emergency or walk in patients too.

The Austin dental office offers dental advice and a free denture consultation, so that they can provide you with the dentures that are right for you.

Austin Dental have a huge range of different types of dentures, including soft fit dentures. They also have a wide range of color tones, so that your dentures can match any existing teeth.

Not only does the clinic have the latest equipment, but they form part of the Texas Dental group, which has in excess of 330 locations throughout the US.

Free Dental Services Texas

There’s also a free dental event on March 2 run by local dentist Dr. Philip, who with his team of dentists, will provide dental care free of charge to one hundred or more patients. Services available include extractions, fillings and cleanings, all without insurance – something that’s important to Dr. Hanapole.

The address for the clinic at the Hanapole Dental Care office is 611 Main St, Belmar, New Jersey.The clinic will be ope, on a first-come-first-served basis for twelve hours from 6.00am to 6.00pm  (source).

Please bookmark our site and visit us again soon if you need to find a dentist, especially if you have no insurance, as we will keep this site updated with all the free services that we hear about.

A Dental Student Could Save You A Fortune

If you are putting off getting dental treatment because of the costs, then allowing a dental student to do the work could be the answer.

A Dental Student Could Save You A Fortune

Although you would generally have to pay for dentures, you could find that tooth extraction, fillings, root canal work, and even crowns, could be given free of charge at a dental hospital.

Apparently, there was a time that dental hospitals and dental schools had to advertise, to recruit men and women that would allow the dental students to work on their teeth. But whether it is the rising cost of dental care, or some other motive, people are volunteering on a regular basis to many dental hospitals.

In some countries you need to have dental insurance in order to get treatment, otherwise you will be left with a hefty bill at the end of your treatment.

If you have no dental insurance then you may be lucky to still find help, as there are volunteer dentists out there who offer their services free of charge to those in need.

For those countries where there are no volunteer dentist’s, there may be charities that help those in poverty. They foot the bill for the dental treatment, but are there for genuine cases only.

In some countries dental care and denture care is at an all time low, as the recession forces people to cut costs wherever possible.

In Texas, where dental fees can be high, you may be lucky enough to get your treatment done at your local dental hospital. The student’s are skilled enough to carry out the work; they simply haven’t fully qualified yet. So, you will be treated by the student who is fully capable of doing the job.

A degree in dentistry takes five years and the requirements of the students change according to how advanced they are in their studies. While those in their third year need patients who require simple fillings, fifth-year students need more of a challenge.

Naturally, it would be impossible for the dental hospital or dental school to treat every single problem instantly. You have to be mindful that the student might take a little longer to do the work. However, it is an excellent way for dental students to get practical experience, and for the patient to get the treatment they really need.

Don’t Be Afraid To Seek Dental Advice

If you have been told you are getting dentures you may be terrified of the prospect, but seeking out dental advice can really help you.

Dental Advice

Your dentist will help and advise you on what procedure is best for you it may be that you only need a partial denture or you may need all of your teeth removed and a full denture fitted.

You can get dental advice on all of the different types of dentures that are available.

Probably the most popular type of dentures available today are same day dentures.  With this type you don’t need to suffer eating baby food etc for several weeks while you wait for your dentures to be made.

Before you have your teeth removed your dentist will measure your facial structure and your mouth using computer technology. They will also match your new teeth as close as possible to your old teeth and the dentures will be made and be ready to insert the same day as you have your teeth removed.

You may be suffering severe toothache or you may have noticed your gums bleeding when you brush or floss whatever the case may be dental health advice is always available.

Many people these days seek online dental advice before they visit their dentist this can help in some cases and you may not even need to visit the dentist.

Having dental work is not always a necessity for instance you might just want some cosmetic work done like your teeth whitened or porcelain veneers fitted. If you have dental insurance this type of work won’t be covered as it is not essential.

Thousands of people today are choosing to have porcelain veneers to give them that Hollywood smile.  Veneers are made to cover your original teeth so you do not need to have them removed and unlike dentures they are treat the same as your original teeth, they need to be brushed and flossed in the same way.

You can also get cosmetic dental advice online before you decide which procedure is best for you.  The majority of companies should have an online price list and you should also be able to read reviews on the company.

Your dentist is only a telephone call away and is always there to help so whatever your situation do not be afraid to seek some dental advice.

No More Waiting With Dentures In A Day

There was a time when getting dentures in a day was unheard of, and no one could imagine a day when you’d be able to get same day dentures.

Dentures In A Day

However, with today’s advances denture clinics can not only offer you shiny new dentures, but can also offer you one day dentures.

The cost of dentures in a day can vary widely depending on where you live and the type of dentures and dental services that you will require. Dental implants cost, dental bridges cost, and immediate dentures cost, are all going to be different so be prepared.

Of course everyone wants affordable dentures just as everyone deserves affordable dental insurance. Most of all, everyone would love to have cheap dentures that look great, especially if they were same day dentures.

Years ago, cheap same day dentures may not have looked so good. Today, cheap dentures can still look great, and you’re going to look heaps better than if you have a mouth full of gaps or bad teeth.

People with bad teeth tend to avoid smiling and they often look very sad or angry. It’s often denture prices and the cost of full dentures that prevents them from doing something about their teeth problems. With one day dentures they could be smiling again.

A denture specialist will be able to advise on the cost of dentures, dental implant cost, immediate denture cost, and any other dental treatment available.

You may be looking for replacement dentures or maybe you want immediate dentures for the first time. It may be that you require denture implants, complete dentures, or partial dentures.

Getting Dentures In A Day

Getting same day dentures makes life so much easier for the patient. No more waiting around for months until the new teeth are ready. A denture clinic can fit you with custom dentures, and with your new dentures a new smile will follow.

Natural looking dentures can improve confidence dramatically, and improving our confidence can change your world completely. Not being afraid to smile anymore makes you actually look like a happier person.

Full dentures cost may seem a bit pricy and dentures information about the various costs may seem a little daunting. However, the benefits provided by dentures in a day aren’t measured financially, but emotionally and aesthetically as the ultimate reward is a smiling face and a cheerful grin.